28 April 2006

Google Rolls Out SketchUp

Google Rolls Out Free 3D Modeling Software -Sci-Tech Today

For those of you who are aspiring Architects...Google has released its recent acquistion SketchUp for free personal use.

14 April 2006

South Carolina Aquarium

Recently I had a chance to experience the South Carolina Aquarium in historic Charleston, SC. The project was designed by Eskew + Architects from New Orleans and was completed in 1999. The aquarium consists of multiple fresh and salt-water aquariums as well as outdoor exhibits which feature many animals and plants native to the mountains, piedmont and coastal areas of South Carolina. The exhibits are contained and integrated within a structure that is stylistically Modern in origin. The South Carolina Aquarium is one of three buildings that include the Ft. Sumter Visitor Education Center and an IMAX Theater and shops. From an urban development standpoint, the entire area contrasts and sits in juxtaposition to the renowned historic context of downtown Charleston. In general, most new developments are occurring between the historic district at East Bay Street and run east to the banks of the Cooper River and have Modernist influences.

South Carolina Aquarium

04 April 2006

ecAr Volume 01 No. 01

Today is the launch of my blog site east coast Architecture review (ecAr). Hopefully, I will be able to maintain the fervor to publish something here at least three times a week for everyone to see. It is my hope that I can start and maintain a dialogue with those who are interested in Architecture. Not only those of us in the profession, but also those outside. I hope to show both award-winning and vernacular styles of architecture within this blog whose focus is within the Southeastern United States and specifically, Virginia and the Carolinas.