24 August 2006

Anish Kapoor has landed in New York City

A Most Public Artist Polishes a New York Image - New York Times

Many people from Chicago may know this artist's work from Millenium Park. Now New Yorker's can partake in his design as well.

Anish Kapoor Link

01 August 2006


An Example of Sustainable Architecture by Simple Speed Design from Cambridge, MA

Interesting sustainable architectural solution for reuse of materials involved in Boston's "Big Dig". Well worth a look for those who are interested in contemporary architecture. Perhaps more American's will follow this example and recycle more construction waste for reuse. I recently watched a podcast from Hauz29 that demonstrated how much debris we, as humans, are placing in landfills versus recycling. The podcast is called "Grey to Green" and is sponsored by PBS and design e2.

Link to Hauz29 Podcasts