16 October 2006

Intriguing Earth Architecture 01

Dubai in the fog - Harry Lambert

Dubai, UAE Although East Coast Architecture is the key feature and tagline for this blog, I could not resist adding new content based on photographic views of Architecture from around our world. In this first installment, we feature a group of photos from Harry Lambert's public Flickr account that show Dubai, UAE. This new weekly series will feature interesting, quirky and visually stimulating architectural images in the hopes of evoking an emotional reaction to our built environment. If you have any comments or suggestions for future postings please leave your remarks under the comments.

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Holl Fires Back at City of Denver

Architect blames city's team - RockyMountainNews.com

As advertised here on October 10, 2006 we have Steven Holl's response to his departure from the Denver Justice Center Project. It should be interesting to see how much the redesign will look like the original Holl solution. The link below is to a Denver architecture blog that contains a more in-depth analysis of the fallout. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section.

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10 October 2006

Steven Holl Out of Denver Project

Architect quits Justice Center project - Denver Post

Steven Holl has apparently had no official comment as yet on his firm's decision to withdraw from the project. Local architecture firm Klipp released a statement in which they stated that the project objectives, "could not allow (Steven Holl Architects, New York) to design a building consistent with Steven Holl's design philosophy." This has got to come as a sense of loss for a city who in the last decade has had a slew of renowned architects propose or design projects within the immediate downtown core. We will await comment from the Holl camp and present it here as it is released.

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Competitions Anyone?

Scion Showroom Design Competition

I have had several competition call for entries come across my desk lately and I will be adding a new sidebar entitled Architecture Competitions to fulfill these requests. The latest comes from car maker Scion and I quote from their competition website, "Scion Floorplan is a competition, open to the design community, where you are asked to design Scion's new dealership showroom. This competition is an opportunity for designers to work with real world design constraints, get noticed by judges working in the design industry, be creative, and possibly win $5,000." The competition submission deadline is November 10, 2006.

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