30 October 2007

The Power Of Place

Recently we ran across this short article published by the University of Cincinnati regarding their overall master plan and architectural facilities. Starting in 1989 the university began a master plan with the assistance of Hargreaves Associates in an effort to build a more cohesive and intellectually stimulating environment for learning. In a break with conventional doctrine followed by most universities they did not choose to recreate the past through faux university Neo-Gothic architecture, but instead embraced a more modern design solution. The results of their efforts can be seen today in many trade magazines as well as main stream media. The list of completed and pending projects reads like a, "Who's Who in Architecture?" over the past two decades. Architects of record include: David Childs, Michael Graves, Peter Eisenman, Henry Cobb, Frank Gehry, Charles Gwathmey, Buzz Yudell, Thom Mayne and most recently Bernard Tschumi. Arguably, this is the best single conglomerate of works in one area by star architects other than small town, Columbus, Indiana. But has the if you build it they will come effect really worked? To ask the university the answer would be and emphatic, "yes". As the article describes their enrollment has risen to a point to where they now have a waiting list. Additionally, several of their curricula now rank in the top in the nation. This of course begs the question is it due to the planning and architecture or something else. We post for you a few photos and let you be the judge. Feel free to leave your comments as well.

flickr set from darajan used under creative commons license

26 October 2007

24 October 2007

Green Architecture Poll Results

Months ago ecAr asked our readers to participate in a sidebar poll regarding, "Green" architecture. The results of the survey are as follows:

  • Yes 80.9%
  • No 6.4%
  • Too Soon To Tell 10.6%
  • Much Needed 21.3%
  • Green 10.6%

So it would seem that most readers are in favor of the pursuit of environmentally friendly architecture and design and that is, in fact, a long time in coming into vogue. Green building and sustainable architecture should not come as a surprise to any of our readers as methods to achieve more favorable development within our environment. There are many movements and organizations under way that are working to that end, the USGBC and Architecture 2030 to name a few. Listed below are some additional links to interesting websites on the subject.

BP Carbon Footprint Calculator
Global Warming: Early Warning Signs
Center for the Built Environment

22 October 2007

Posta Aerea 001

Today is the debut of a new section to east coast Architecture review that will feature additional links and interesting content that has arrived in our email and we found worth sharing with you. Two links of note today are both related to blog rankings. The first was very unexpected and is entitled, "Top 100 Architecture Blogs" in which ecAr lands at number 84.

The second comes to us from another fine Architecture blog dubbed PartIV. Apparently they are looking for the top 15 or so blogs to feature in their links for next year. So if you appreciate the contents and efforts of this blog please show your enthusiasm by voting in the sidebar poll at PartIV.

Top 100 Architecture Blogs
PartIV Poll

19 October 2007

18 October 2007

BMW Welt Opens in Munich

BMW Welt opened on Wednesday 17 October 2007. In light of this event we are featuring a interesting video and several photos of the newest addition to the BMW World Headquarters in Munich, Germany. Designed by Vienna based architects Coop Himmelb(l)au the project features a large main hall with a sculptural roof that will house and display various museum pieces, meeting venues and a center for cultural events.

Coop Himmelb(l)au Link
a weekly dose of architecture feature

12 October 2007

Intriguing Earth Architecture 29

Photograph by David Sundberg/Esto
Arizona Cardinals Stadium, Phoenix, Arizona, USA - Peter Eisenman/HOK Sport

11 October 2007

Charlie Rose - The Future of Architecture

Today we embed an episode of Charlie Rose featuring Peter Eisenman among other "Starchitects". It is interesting to hear the explanations given by the various architects as they explain their various projects.