31 August 2007

29 August 2007

James Kunstler Speaks At TED

Here is the description for the lecture given by Kunstler from the TED website:

"In James Howard Kunstler's view, public spaces should be inspired centers of civic life -- the physical manifestation of the common good. Instead, he argues, what we have in America is a nation of places not worth caring about. Reengineering our cities will involve more radical change than we are prepared for, he believes, but our hand will be forced by earth crises stemming from our overconsuming lifestyle. "Life in the mid-21st century," Kunstler says, "is going to be about living locally." Passionate, profane and funny, this talk will make you think about the place where you live. "

Kunstler Blog
Kunstler Wiki

26 August 2007

24 August 2007

Zaha Hadid - Dune Formations

Interesting video showing the installation of Hadid's Dune Formations sculpture at the Venice Art Biennale 2007. The clip shows the arrival of the exhibit pieces at the canal dock, the behind-the-scenes gallery prep work for the show and features Zaha Hadid inspecting her pieces prior and during the Venice Biennale.

Dezeen Link

21 August 2007

Mercedes Benz Museum, UNStudio 02

This is the second in a two part series of videos examining the exterior and interior of the Museum for Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart, Germany by UNStudio.

UNStudio Link

17 August 2007

13 August 2007

Mercedes-Benz Museum, UNStudio

This is the first in a two part series of videos examining the exterior and interior of UNStudio's Museum for Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart, Germany completed in 2006. An excerpt from the architects' website appears below:

The Museum’s sophisticated geometry synthesizes structural and programmatic organizations resulting in a new landmark building celebrating a legendary car. The geometric model employed is based on the trefoil organization. The building’s program is distributed over the surfaces which ascend incrementally from ground level, spiraling around a central atrium. The Museum experience begins with visitors traveling up through the atrium to the top floor from where they follow the two main paths that unfold chronologically as they descend through the building. The two main trajectories, one being the car and truck collection and the other consisting of historical displays called the Legend rooms, spiral downwards on the perimeter of the display platforms, intersecting with each other at several points allowing the visitor to change routes.

Mercedes-Benz Museum Wiki

Motor Trend Magazine Virtual Tour

03 August 2007

CCTV Rem Koolhaas/OMA

This is a well choreographed video showing the CCTV Station and Headquarters building that is under construction in Beijing, China. An excerpt from OMA's website can be perused below:

"This iconic new addition to the Beijing skyline combines the entire process of TV making -- administration, production, broadcasting -- into a single loop of interconnected activity. Two structures rise from a common production platform, each with a different character: one is dedicated to broadcasting, the second to services, research and education. They merge at the top to create a cantilevered headquarters for management.

Built directly adjacent to the CCTV, the Television Cultural Center (TVCC) will house public programs on site including a theater, cinemas, restaurants and five-star accommodation. The building will also serve as the international broadcasting center for the 2008 Olympics."

CCTV Official Site
Arup Project Site
CCTV Construction Photos

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