24 January 2010

Intriguing Earth Architecture 78

Seattle Central Library - OMA

Seattle Central Library, Seattle, Washington, USA - OMA
via flickr: FHKE

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Andrew said...

As a Seattlite I can honestly attest that the Seattle Public Library has become the "living room" of the city. It's a spectacular place and continues to impress me with it concepts.

sara said...

wow, look at that, very creative and inspiring, I wish I could design something like that

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lilian said...

its awesome!!! really post-modern style!!!

Adelante4 said...

This building looks aweseome. Very space age, but stylish nontheless. Actually it reminds me of the famous building at Futuroscope park in France!

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Best Laptop said...

I love architecture like this. Modern but not in your face. I agree with the above post about Fururscope, the similarity is uncanny.

ed howard said...

Rather "in your face" architecture.
Turning building setback zoning upside down - literally.

Howard Architectural Renderings

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