29 March 2010

Intriguing Earth Architecture 79

Caplutta Sogn Benedetg - Peter Zumthor

Caplutta Sogn Benedetg, Graubunden, Switzerland - Peter Zumthor
via flickr: roryrory

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02 March 2010

VotW 09: Rob Carter's Metropolis

A special thanks to Brand Avenue for turning us on to this unique video of the chronological transformation of the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. And here is a description of the work by the artist Rob Carter from his website:

Rob Carter's work uses stop-motion animation, time-lapse video and large format photographs to spotlight iconic and political structures in our urban environment, especially sports stadia, skyscrapers, churches, and other historical landmarks. Cut photographic images and living plants are used to make often humorous retellings of history - morphing and recontextualizing architecture and urban development. Recent work draws parallels between the inspiration and power of the natural world, and human attempts to understand, manipulate and control it in the past, present and future.

Rob Carter Bio

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